Haibun – Flow is the balance, Time the illusion

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Dew on Spider Web 


The flow is the balance.

She, a runner of life, knows flow is the balance. Running through early morning golden meadows, hair streaming behind, her breathing is deep and even. Her essence is air, the flow is balanced. A runner’s secret, balance can create speed but speed is cause not effect.

On this morning the soles of her feet fleetingly touch upon damp morning dew on a spider web. Something occurs, an otherworldly melding of effect with cause. Balance is cause but time is effect. She runs on with balance changed. She is fleeter, running more swiftly, the blending of the web’s moisture and air melting elements together. Magic? She finds she can now run through time. Her yesterdays, todays and tomorrows – an all-time effect!

The flow is the balance. The effect, the melding of time. Now she runs through life, her life and all life. An amazing thing.  An illusion? She runs on.

The balance is the flow – time the illusion.


a runner of life

nature’s flow, cause and effect

time, the melding of magic


This is the Haven of Haibun, Consider it a home away from home for haibun writers/readers. If you would like to have one of your previously published or posted haibun or haiku reposted here, please let me know in the comment section. I would enjoy displaying your work for you!

Also you can use any theme I’ve chosen and write your own haibun, just let me know when it’s published and I’ll be happy to link it here at the Haven of Haibun.


Stay balanced, in harmony with yourself, life and nature.

~ Penny


The Seekers of Haibun …

… for the essence of the written word!


Those Who Seek

One might refer to the writing of haibun as creating prose-like philosophy or perhaps the creation of beautiful thoughts transformed/crafted into beautiful words. The meaning unfolds slowly, somewhere between carefully chosen words, their placement, and of course, the haiku, embedded with richness culled from the prose.

Meaningful words (the essence of) in a written haibun assist both the writer and the reader in the ability to increase not only their depth of understanding, but to also expand introspective curiosity regarding exploration of the world (from without and within) – the nature of the nature of things.

Those who write are lovers of language and the written word. Those who craft haibun are, in addition, seekers of life’s mysteries; delving further into the unknown and beauty of life through personal and thoughtful experiences which culminate in the formation of their expressive words.

“Finely composed haibun, is delicate, yet as strongly hued as the silken thread of the silk worm and as revealing as … life being fully lived.”

the haiku of haibun
amidst word and meaning
awakens the seeker


Thank you,

~ Penny