Writing Challenges – Haibun Thinking

haibun4plus21Haibun Thinking Writing Challenge 

A weekly challenge that provokes the mind into a poetic side. The idea is to create a “Haibun” from the given prompt.

The prompts come in a choice over a four-week rotation, with the last week being a freestyle – anything you want, no prompt. The prompts are anything, from images to quotes from films, quotes by actors, directors, artists, art critics etc. Each prompt can be taken however your mind sees the prompt and wherever it takes you. The only stipulation is that you include the haiku as described above, usually (but not always) at the end of the post.

Photo prompt…………………Film prompt
Photo prompt……………..Poetry prompt
Photo prompt………………….Art prompt
Freestyle – no prompt

This challenge was created by Alastair from A Mixed Bag,  Anja from “Oh Pithy Me“, “AnElephantCant” and Michael from “Morpeth Road“. They are always after new photos and artwork to use as prompts with full credit being given to the photographer and artist.

If you wish to submit a photo or a piece of art, then you can email Alastair at haibunchallenge@gmail.com

Relatively new on the scene, be sure to give this weekly challenge a try! For more information go here!


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