Month: September 2014

A Haibun for The Howling Moon

By Efi21e

“And then there are the times when the wolves are silent and the moon is howling.” ― George Carlin

A full moon tonight as I walk alone. Very cool, the air crisp this late in the season. I didn’t notice the moon right away, musings of mind every bit as full as the moon shining down on me. Confusing thoughts, taken up with the insanity of life’s struggles! The moon seems to have it’s own agenda anyway, up there so high, aloft from everything happening down here.

Shivering, I pull my jacket tightly against my body. Don’t know what possessed me to walk down to the river in the first place. It’s even chillier near the water’s edge, but I could hear water lapping against the shore and it seemed improbably soothing. Does that sound crazy? And I’m very much tempted, drawn to the dark liquid. The need to touch, so strong. It won’t change my existence, still I scoop up the water in my hands, feeling velvety ice water threading through fingers.

Damn, everything feels futile tonight, an emptiness. The moon mocking my solo sojourn to the river, as if to echo meaningless feelings. A kneeling silhouette illuminated against rippling water proves my reality, at least. Fingers are frozen numb now, doesn’t matter. I can hear the moon, you see – it’s howling and I recognize the tune, having heard it before.

Acknowledging recognition, I walk home despite the taunting of a solitary moon. Impervious now, I’m entirely focused on rubbing hands together to get warmth back into them.

just another night
no winners, no losers – just life
and the howling moon

Thank you,





The Seekers of Haibun …

… for the essence of the written word!


Those Who Seek

One might refer to the writing of haibun as creating prose-like philosophy or perhaps the creation of beautiful thoughts transformed/crafted into beautiful words. The meaning unfolds slowly, somewhere between carefully chosen words, their placement, and of course, the haiku, embedded with richness culled from the prose.

Meaningful words (the essence of) in a written haibun assist both the writer and the reader in the ability to increase not only their depth of understanding, but to also expand introspective curiosity regarding exploration of the world (from without and within) – the nature of the nature of things.

Those who write are lovers of language and the written word. Those who craft haibun are, in addition, seekers of life’s mysteries; delving further into the unknown and beauty of life through personal and thoughtful experiences which culminate in the formation of their expressive words.

“Finely composed haibun, is delicate, yet as strongly hued as the silken thread of the silk worm and as revealing as … life being fully lived.”

the haiku of haibun
amidst word and meaning
awakens the seeker


Thank you,

~ Penny