Haibun – Flow is the balance, Time the illusion

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Dew on Spider Web 


The flow is the balance.

She, a runner of life, knows flow is the balance. Running through early morning golden meadows, hair streaming behind, her breathing is deep and even. Her essence is air, the flow is balanced. A runner’s secret, balance can create speed but speed is cause not effect.

On this morning the soles of her feet fleetingly touch upon damp morning dew on a spider web. Something occurs, an otherworldly melding of effect with cause. Balance is cause but time is effect. She runs on with balance changed. She is fleeter, running more swiftly, the blending of the web’s moisture and air melting elements together. Magic? She finds she can now run through time. Her yesterdays, todays and tomorrows – an all-time effect!

The flow is the balance. The effect, the melding of time. Now she runs through life, her life and all life. An amazing thing.  An illusion? She runs on.

The balance is the flow – time the illusion.


a runner of life

nature’s flow, cause and effect

time, the melding of magic


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Stay balanced, in harmony with yourself, life and nature.

~ Penny


The Flow of Words – Creative Assignment #2

By nioanto

Hello and welcome,

Focus, Observation, and Flow of words. Key elements when writing a haibun.

Consider the art of writing a haibun from the singular purpose of capturing a flow when you write.

Assignment #2 -Watch the flow of moving water in nature for awhile. Focus on the flow, observe its nature.

By vilhelmJourney to a nearby river, stream or the ocean and shore line. Even a fountain in a park will do. Any body of moving water near you. Take a journal along. When you arrive at this location, be in the moment mentally and physically. Take the time to experience everything happening with the water.

Walk along the water (if possible) for awhile. Watch the water’s movement. Observe the various currents. The water’s ebbs and flows. Whether rapid, fast moving swollen rivers, or gentle gurgling streams, notice the changes. The flow or flux (variability) of moving water in nature exhibits many of the characteristics with which we humans contend in our own emotional natures. There is a connection to be made here. You want your visceral experience to relate to your written word.

Think about how the water flows.

Haibun words should move in a like manner. While sentence structure defines how we connect words to one another to create expression and/or narrative, of even greater value for artistic writing is the ability to consider positioning or placement of each word used from the perspective of flow.

There is a flower growing in the meadow.

a meadow flower grows.

Growing flower of the meadow.

A writing assignment: Write a haibun that is a thought or memory of an experience regarding the flow of water.

See if you can match the flow of water to your words. Follow the general rules (read more here if needed) for writing your Water Haibun, (one or several paragraphs with accompanying haiku) and be sure to enjoy the process.

Good writing be with you,


penny l howe