Haibun Thinking – Writing Challenge Returns!

It is a pleasure to see Haibun Thinking Writing Challenge up and active once again. Welcome back. The challenge this week is “Film Week”. Write Haibun style using the following quote or photo as a prompt:

“You came here in that thing?
You’re braver than I thought.”
~ Carrie Fisher (Star Wars)

or this photo


Photograph by © Arthur Browne

I encourage everyone who enjoys writing to enter this challenge. My entry below. The above quote is my prompt:


Transport of Choice

It is said that to travel is to learn, to grow inside through experience. While admitting to the truth in this, it does appear my travels have lead me far afield from where I’d originally meant to go. Funny that.

The various turns in the road, chosen by my own volition, seemed the right ones to take at the time, in retrospect I’m doubtful of this. Therefore, there have been those lessons learned in my travels which have been painful. This having been said, I will now say that my favorite mode of transportation is and always has been – my mind.

Fueled by the wonderful power of imagination, I have traveled to any place and every place wished for – to visit. Imagination, my vehicle of choice and while some may laugh at this mode of transport, I find this particular vehicle ready to depart at a moments notice to the far reaches of my desires, and I … I am most content with this.


“to infinity and beyond”

yes he has it right


Just simply had to throw in one of Disney’s beloved characters in my haiku. I adore Buzz Lightyear and his wonderful outlook on life, cartoon character though he may be. I hope you enjoyed my Haibun.

Have a wonderful day, filled with joy and love,

~ Penny



  1. Amazing where our minds can take us! I am particularly fond of Winnie the Pooh …so wise for a stuffed bear.

  2. What an awesome method of travelling. Although it can also take you down the dark and dangerous paths, but the light paths are oh so wonderful. And never-ending.

    Thanks for joining in again Penny, it is great to be able to start it up again. Although I didn’t have the time to do it, I still missed it.

      1. I am, and Anja said it may well get her writing again, which I hope it does. People with creative minds shouldn’t keep them bottled up

      1. Hello! Yes it’s been a very long time, here life goes on with its ups and downs like everything, but I’m enjoying a great autumn after the terribly rainy summer … and hope you and yours are well too!

      2. We are all doing well, thank you. I am glad to hear the same for you, am glad Autumn is being lovely, sorry about all the rain. We have been very lucky this summer and early fall (cross fingers) hopefully not meaning a rough winter, but as you say ups and downs. Take care of you … with affection, Penny

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