Introduction – Haibun Assignments


“The goal of every writer is to be read. There are no exceptions to this rule.”


Consider the Haibun Haven (among other things) a workshop for the purpose of further enabling writers to express themselves through words that are richer, more complete and enticing. The goal: To further the development of one’s individual style, through the rich format of haibun writing. The end results: Learning to present passages of written words so distinctly vivid and pure, readers will want to read more of your work.

Haibun: Haibun is a writing method. A formula or template. Β There is a certain manner or thought process that goes along with this structure. Understanding both at the beginning will be helpful. For more information on the nature of the haibun, click here

Haibun: A combination of both prose (descriptive writing) and haiku (Japanese Poetry).

Consider then, this workshop as a learning place. It is relaxed, and artistic. Your keyboard and/or paper journal – your canvas; words – your paint and these lessons, where you will open your mind to artistic possibilities with your written words.

As time permits I will introduce you to a Haibun Assignment. Yours to complete at your desire. No time limits just a potential catalyst to spur you on.

I wish you good fortune in your writing,

~ Penny



    1. Yes, these were in a holding tank. This blog is no way interfers with what you will be doing Alastair. I’m coming from a position of education and look forward to promoting your new Haibun venture, both here and on my other blog. I will not be promoting this blog until I feel I have enough info to be of value to any reader. You were one of the few that followed early on here which is why you’re getting these now!

      Any questions, my friend?

      1. Okay, I won’t Twitter this yet then πŸ™‚ I was about to tweet it.

        Would you mind if I mentioned this blog as a source of advice, or would you rather I wait a bit?

      2. No that’s cool, but do say it is just now up and running. I still have (in holding – to be edited) some additional articles about haibun writing, along with a few more fun journal assignments but time is still somewhat limited for me, lol! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Alastair, that’s great. My laptop’s off being repaired so I’m using the families old mainframe, probably will be on even less for awhile (sigh, miss my laptop and all my stuff that’s in there. Hopefully won’t take too long! Thanks and good luck.

      1. Those mainframes are like conkers with lead inside them, aren’t they? Especially when you try to move around with it πŸ˜‰

        Let’s hope it is back as soon as πŸ™‚

      2. Haha I figured that’s what you meant. Although I did have this image of you sitting in front of a screen with dials, tapes, flashing lights and “beep-boop” sounds hehe

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